CAD-CAM milling machines

Dental Machine milling machines

The dental technician profession, which has always been linked to the manual skills and training of individual operators, has been undergoing a fundamental change in recent years thanks to new digital technologies. Digitization, virtualization and CAD/CAM systems are the new tools and the new language of the dental technician. At the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, there are great opportunities available for anyone who can sense and manage change.

Milling machines

AxyLab range

AxyLab is the revolutionary new milling machine for soft materials by Dental Machine. 

Vector range

Vector can mill any type of prosthesis, both cement- and screw-retained in any material.

C5 Plus

C5 Plus is Dental Machine’s mid-range milling machine for dry and wet milling.


G5 is the universal machine, capable of producing any item in any material.

Sintering ovens

Tecno Sint

Ideal for integrating smaller CAD/CAM systems up to larger laboratories and milling centres.


From 0 to 1500°C in 8 minutes! Rapid ovens for zirconia sintering.
High productivity and maximum operating flexibility.

CAD/CAM software

The smartest Dental CAM


MillBox is the dental CAM solution developed for milling any type of material and element. Featuring a simple yet innovative and eye-catching user interface, it simplifies the process of creating tool paths.

Quality & Design